Hiring The Club

The club room may be hired for private functions, for certain events and during certain times of the year. A private function is a gathering of 15 or more guests.

Blackout dates

Private functions cannot be held during the peak summer period, from 1st November through to Easter (inclusive) each year. Public holidays are also excluded for hosting private functions.

What about 21st, 18th, 16th birthday parties?

Please note that the club house cannot be hired for these parties where large numbers of teenagers and young adults are to be invited. Members may have a small gathering for such occasions, providing that the event does not meet the criteria of a “private function”. That is, if you can host the event within the terms of your guest limit and the event is during daylight hours, you can use the club for these birthday parties.

What about 40th, 50th, and ‘Mature’ parties?

Parties with a ‘mature’ guest list are allowed where the member hosting the event has applied for a private function by submitting a request to the committee. Again, where your guest list can be accommodated within your guest limits there is no need to apply for a private function.

Can non-members hire the club house?

Yes, non-members can hire the club.

How do the Guest Limits work?

Members are allowed to bring up to four (4) guests to the club without having to apply for a private function. This limit is per membership, not per spouse. For example, if the husband was the member then the husband may invite four guests; the wife cannot invite another four guests because the four guest limit has already been reached for the membership.

How to apply for a private function

Applications for private functions can be sent to functions@canadianbayclub.com.au

Click Here for an application form