Joining Canadian Bay Club


The Canadian Bay Club offers a wide range of facilities to members. These include boat and kayak storage, BBQs, kitchen, dining tables, decks, beach access, change rooms, toilets and showers. Access to these facilities is restricted to members by way of keys and electronic access medallions.There are approximately 260 family members at the Club, new members are welcome.

How to Apply for Membership

Membership of the Canadian Bay Club works on a nomination basis, whereby an existing member of at least twelve months standing nominates a prospective member. In other words, the public cannot directly apply for membership, contact the membership officer, Grant Haworth via email,

1. Ask your friends who are members to nominate you. The member who nominates you will need to contact the Membership officer to start the process. More details on what a member needs to do can be found on the Members page.

2. If you do not have a member to nominate you, contact the Membership officer, Grant Haworth, to arrange an interview.


Types of Membership

There are two main types of membership:

  1. Senior membership – for adults over 21 years of age
  2. Intermediate Associates – children of senior members aged 18 and 21

The spouse and children of a senior member may also use the club’s facilities by paying the family surcharge. Note the children must be under the age of 18 to be eligible for the family surcharge. Children between 18 and 21 have their own membership category called Intermediates.

Membership Fees

Detailed information is provided during the application process. In short the current fee structure is as follows (provided for illustrative purposes only – exact pricing will be provided on application) :

  • Joining fee (once only) – $1500
  • Senior membership (annual) – $500
  • Family surcharge (annual) – $200
  • Kayak storage (annual) –  Starting from $130

Club Rules and By-Laws

All members of the club are bound by the rules and by-laws which can be downloaded here.